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Lask's LGBT Federal Appeal Backed by Congress,EEOC

Married on Sunday, Fired on Monday.  

 Congress Supports Our Historical Federal Appeal for LGBT Equality Everywhere

On June 21, 2016, Matthew Christiansen filed his Second Circuit Brief, Christiansen v. Omnicom Group, Inc. et al., #16-748, arguing that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should protect sexual orientation from workplace harassment.  

"At the heart of this appeal is whether Title VII protects those males and females whose sexual orientation is not heterosexual," Susan Chana Lask, Christiansen's lawyer, and a U.S. Supreme Court and civil rights litigator, argued in court papers.

In an unprecedented move, amici briefs supporting Christiansen were filed by the government's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC"), 128 Members of Congress, including Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders ("Congress"), the American Civil Liberties Union ("ACLU") and a coalition of civil rights groups and public interest organizations, LAMBDA and the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

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NY Sen. Klein & Assemblyman Crespo Support Lask's "Bad Ass" Case

At a February 24, 2015 press conference, Senator Klein introduced Susan Chana Lask as an "outstanding attorney" who he proudly supports for representing Bronx homeowners bilked millions from the "Bad Ass" builder group while the City turned a blind eye.  For seven years the City has refused to hold Bad Ass responsible for abandoning the homeowners in illegal housing.

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