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New York Courts' Custody Determinations of Pets are Similar to Custody of Children

Puppy Custody 

In 2009 approximately one hundred and twenty thousand people were married in New York, and forty-six thousand people filed for divorce.1 When children are involved in a divorce proceeding there are custody issues. A court must also allocate the marital property to each spouse equitably.2  In addition to those considerations, an increasingly prevalent issue facing courts today is how to treat a family’s beloved pet in a divorce proceeding. 

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How Foreclosure Fraud Escaped Criminal Charges During the FaceBook Rip Off

In November, 2012, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara obtained an indictment against Paul Ceglia on charges of forging a contract with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  The charges include mail and wire fraud and that Ceglia doctored, fabricated and destroyed evidence to support his 2010 lawsuit he filed against Zuckerberg using a phony contract.  Doesn't that sound like the same allegations against the Foreclosure Mills-doctoring and fabricating documents, including assignments of mortgages and robo-signing with false notaries to support phony foreclosure complaints against Million of citizens nationwide?

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Puppy Mill Facts: “Puppy Massacre” is not an Overstatement, It's a Crime!

Inhumane Puppy Mill

  In a country already suffering from an over population of dogs, cats and other companion animals, there are nearly six thousand commercial kennels or “puppy mills” in the United States licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture perpetuating the problem.1  Approximately four million dogs are bred in puppy mills annually and an estimated four to five million die every year (almost 11,000 daily).2  Causes of death include but are not limited to, neglect and starvation, untreated illnesses, and lack of heat or air conditioning in puppy mills.3 

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Know Your Puppy Lemon Laws and Pet Store Contract to Prevent Sales Frauds

When you purchase your puppy from a pet store, your new little friend will cost thousands of dollars, and the salesperson will tell you alot of things to convince you to pay more than the sales price. There will be paperwork for you to read and sign, and consumer laws that you need to understand because the additional fees your salesperson tries to tack on to the price are usually not legal.  Here's what you need to know to prevent yourself from being ripped-off.

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Wake Up America – we're killing ourselves.

 In 2006, I filed the Ambien Class Action to get worldwide attention and I got the FDA's attention in 2007. They ordered Sanofi to place the exact warnings I told them from the beginning they needed, but Sanofi denied anything was wrong. Unfortunately, there is still one more step needed-the warnings are not helping. There's something in Ambien's ingredient that hits some people so hard deep in their cerebellum that they become Ambien Zombies capable of driving cars and shooting themselves in the head at 3 in the morning.  Here's the secret on Ambien.

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