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Radio Interviews

4-25-13 WAMC News-Lask Gets Marijuana Charges Dismissed for NY Assemblyman

1-22-14 CBS Radio Dick Morris Interviews Lask on her Ambien Class Action

9-15-10 WHYY News: Lask Argues in Third Circuit to Stop Prison Strip Searches on Non-Criminals

6-24-10 WCBS: Lask Represents Icon Billy Sammeth in Entertainment Contract Dispute

4-15-10 WHYY News: Lask files Third Circuit Argument Against Blanket Prison Strip Searches

4-15-10 WCBS News: Lask's Civil Rights Class Action in Third Cicuit

4-15-10 WCBS News: Lask Argues Civil Rights Violated by Strip Searches

4-15-10 WCBS 880 News: Lask Files Civil Rights Appeal

4-6-10 WCBS News: Lask Argues in Third Circuit Prison Strip Searches of Traffic Offenders is Unconstitutional

4-5-10 WCBS News: Lask in Third Circuit Argues Reasonable Suspicion Needed before Strip Search

4-5-10 WCBS News: Lask Argues in Third Circuit Against Unreasonable Strip Searches

3-27-08 WCBS News: Lask says No Prison Strip Searches on Non-Criminal Arrests

3-27-08 WCBS 880 News: Lask Wins Class Counsel in Civil Rights

3-27-08 WCBS 880 News: Lask Wins Civil Rights Class Action

3-27-08 WCBS 880 News: Lask and client Albert Florence Explain Prison Strip Search Case

2-26-08 WCBS 880 News : Lask Explains Civil Unions

2-25-08 WCBS 880 News:Lask and Client Jane Hind's Domestic Partnership Appeal

4-16-06 KFI Los Angeles Radio: Lask Details her Ambien Class Action

3-12-06 NPR Radio: Lask's Case Discovers Ambien Dangers