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Actress Caitlin Sanchez, formally "Dora the Exlorerer", Hires Lask for Complex Entertainment Dispute
Entertainment Attorney Susan Chana Lask and Caitlin Sanchez of "Dora the Explorer"   Child Star Caitlin Sanchez, former "Dora the Explorer" of Nickelodeon, hired Lask for Her Complex Entertainment Contract Dispute in New York Federal Court. Caitlin just turned 15, but she's brilliant and very talented. She's also just a child who deserves protection under New York's Infant's Compromise laws, which the case is about. Those rules require certain court scrutiny before any settlement involving a child is finalized. Caitlin came to Susan Chana Lask alleging problems with her settlement and her former counsel.  After much review, Lask filed a Rule 60(b) motion on Caitlin's behalf informing the Southern District of New York Federal Court of the issues and requesting certain relief. More about the case coming soon!
Case Pleadings
6-22-11 Certification of Lask
6-22-11 Certification of Caitlin
6-22-11 Certification of Hilda Sancehz
6-22-11 Certification of Kevin Samchez
6-22-11 Memorandum of Law Supporting Motion to Vacate Settlement
8-23-11 Certification of Lask in Reply
8-23-11 Memorandum of Law Supporting Reply