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Attorney's Disqualification From Malpractice Case for Prior Representation

Georgette Franzone, et al., Plaintiffs v. Susan Chana Lask, Esq., Defendant.

The New York Law Journal reported Southern District Magistrate Gorenstein’s opinion in Georgette Franzone, et al., Plaintiffs v. Susan Chana Lask, Esq., Defendant, granting Ms. Lask’s disqualification motion against an attorney who filed that sham malpractice case1.  This is how Ms. Lask asserted disqualification and won that and her motion to dismiss the sham complaint in its entirety.

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Supreme Court to Hear Prada Discrimination Case by Rina Bovrisse

Susan Chana Lask with Rina Bovrisse

In September, 2014, Fashion executive and invited speaker to Geneva's United Nations, Rina Bovrisse's five year battle for womens' rights may be heard by Japan's Supreme Court.  Her story started in April 2009, when she left her job with Chanel in New York City to become Prada's senior retail operations manager to oversee 500 employees in Japan.  As her case alleges, within weeks she complained to Prada that she observed a CEO harassing female employees because they were "old, fat, ugly, disgusting or did not have the Prada look".  Then Prada turned fashion ugly.

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New York Courts' Custody Determinations of Pets are Similar to Custody of Children

Puppy Custody 

In 2009 approximately one hundred and twenty thousand people were married in New York, and forty-six thousand people filed for divorce.1 When children are involved in a divorce proceeding there are custody issues. A court must also allocate the marital property to each spouse equitably.2  In addition to those considerations, an increasingly prevalent issue facing courts today is how to treat a family’s beloved pet in a divorce proceeding. 

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Susan Chana Lask Supports Town of Gorham Moratorium-Ontario County Planning Board Votes in Favor

usan Chana Lask with Umka the Puppy Battle Puppy Mills

Today the Ontario County Planning Board voted for a moratorium against opening a puppy mill in the Town of Gorham after  Susan Chana Lask provided arguments and law to them in her extensive legal memorandum.  She pointed out that the applicants wanting to open the Mill listed that there will be 640 dogs, but they omitted the fact that the number can be twice as much or more because those are "breeding dogs" only. There was no listing of how many puppies in litters there will be.  Only half the story appears to be before the Town in the application.

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How Foreclosure Fraud Escaped Criminal Charges During the FaceBook Rip Off

In November, 2012, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara obtained an indictment against Paul Ceglia on charges of forging a contract with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  The charges include mail and wire fraud and that Ceglia doctored, fabricated and destroyed evidence to support his 2010 lawsuit he filed against Zuckerberg using a phony contract.  Doesn't that sound like the same allegations against the Foreclosure Mills-doctoring and fabricating documents, including assignments of mortgages and robo-signing with false notaries to support phony foreclosure complaints against Million of citizens nationwide?

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Puppy Mill Facts: “Puppy Massacre” is not an Overstatement, It's a Crime!

Inhumane Puppy Mill

  In a country already suffering from an over population of dogs, cats and other companion animals, there are nearly six thousand commercial kennels or “puppy mills” in the United States licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture perpetuating the problem.1  Approximately four million dogs are bred in puppy mills annually and an estimated four to five million die every year (almost 11,000 daily).2  Causes of death include but are not limited to, neglect and starvation, untreated illnesses, and lack of heat or air conditioning in puppy mills.3 

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Know Your Puppy Lemon Laws and Pet Store Contract to Prevent Sales Frauds

When you purchase your puppy from a pet store, your new little friend will cost thousands of dollars, and the salesperson will tell you alot of things to convince you to pay more than the sales price. There will be paperwork for you to read and sign, and consumer laws that you need to understand because the additional fees your salesperson tries to tack on to the price are usually not legal.  Here's what you need to know to prevent yourself from being ripped-off.

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Lask Shutdown Foreclosure Mill Baum, but he Left NY "Homewrecked"

Logo LoHud

Susan Chana Lask makes history by shutting down New York's biggest Foreclosure Mill that ruined hundreds of thousands of lives, leaving people homeless.  Ms. Lask discusses New York's nightmare and Steven Baum's fall out.

Foreclosure firm Baum's demise leaves N.Y. homeowners in costly limbo

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Puppies Pain and Suffering as Damages against Pet Store

Animal Rights Lawyer Susan Chana Lask with Umka & Elena Zakharova        Susan Chana Lask's Umka the Puppy Case

Lask files novel case for puppy's pain and suffering that pet store sold as a defective puppy who needed thousands of dollars in surgery bills for a congenital defect.  The pet store refused to provide legal documents to the consumer regarding the puppy's source, most likely because the puppy is from a puppy mill.  So you're not ripped off by a pet store, read the law and complaint here.

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How to Avoid Court in Child Custody Cases

When it comes to your children, courts mainly address custody, visitation and child support in Divorce and Family Court cases.  But court is a huge financial and emotional stressor that could ruin your family even more, and your children will suffer immensely. Court should be avoided at all costs.  Here's the secret to winning  your custody case without going to court.

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Susan Chana Lask's Ambien NewsWeek Story

NewsWeek reports on Susan Chana Lask's Ambien Case

This is just one of thousands of media stories worlwide on my historical year of courage for me as the one woman who stood  up to big pharma Sanofi Aventis and the FDA to prove Ambien is dangerous and needed stronger warnings.


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Living With a Prescription Drug Addict Mother Compelled Me To Fight Big Pharma and Win

Ambien Class Action Attorney

On March 27, 2006,  NewsWeek met with me and my client Janet Makinen to interview us regarding the Ambien Class Action I filed in February, 2006. I filed that action to save millions of consumers' lives from the dangers of sleep walking, sleep driving and suicides occurring from Ambien as alleged in my class action complaint. I was the only attorney with the guts to publicize that Ambien created "Ambien Zombies" (a term I created). Meanwhile, my Mother died after a lifetime of being a prescription drug junkie.

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Lask's Foreclosure Case Confirmed by U.S. Attorney Fining Baum $2 Million

Susan Chana Lask assisted New York's Department of Justice in going after Foreclosure Mill Steven Baum after she shut him down in her Federal civil action  that she filed against him in August, 2010.  Read the Manhattan's U.S. Attorney's 2011 release about their case against Baum and fining him $2 Million.  Although Baum deserved more than what the USDOJ fines him, Ms. Lask was the only person to expose Baum so she could get the USDOJ and Attorney General to go after him too.

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Washington Post on Lask's US Supreme Court Strip Search Case

Logo WashPost

U.S. Supreme Court Litigator Susan Chana Lask with Albert Florence Sept. 2011

Supreme Court is asked about jails’ blanket strip-search policies

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The Law of Attraction Gets You a Lawyer Just Like You

People tend to pick lawyers just like themselves.  So if someone is a liar, their lawyer is going to be a liar. And if someone is honest and wants to win without lying to the judge, their lawyer will be as honest and a hard worker to win on the truth and the law.  It's the law of attraction. Here's some pointers on choosing a lawyer.

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CNN Interviews Lask on her U.S. Supreme Court Strip Search Case

Susan Chana Lask with CNN Senior Producer William Mears and Correspondent Kate Bolduan

On August 31, 2011, CNN's Washington D.C. Bureau Senior Producer William Mears and Correspondent Kate Bolduan interviewed Susan Chana Lask about her prison strip search case. The U.S. Supreme Court granted certioriari on April 5, 2011.  Argument is October 12, 2011. The issue before the United States Supreme Court is whether the Fourth Amendment permits a jail to conduct a suspicionless strip search whenever an individual is arrested for minor offenses such as violating a dog leash law or failure to pay a court fine, that are not crimes. The CNN interview airs around October 11, 2011.  Here's what Ms. Lask discussed about the case.

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Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Legal Malpractice Gets Fees

Susan Chana Lask

A lawyer's breach of fiduciary duty alleged in a Legal Malpractice case refunds legal fees, or, disgorges fees from the lawyer. Alleging only a legal malpractice claim limits a client to damages for negligence, and that's if they exist. The difference between the causes of action are clear.

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How to Talk to the Police if You're Suspected of a Crime

You always have the right to remain silent, as anything you say to a police detective will be used against you in court. You also have the right to be represented by an attorney when talking with the police. Just because a detective comes around looking for you doesn’t mean you have to speak to him or see him at the police precinct. If the detective is at your door, you don’t have to open it for him unless he has a warrant. If a detective is knocking at your door, you don’t have to answer.  Here's some tips on what to do if you're suspected of a crime.

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CPLR 5501(c) Permits Notice of Appeal on Final Order Despite Subsequent Judgment

CPLR 5501(c) permits a Notice of Appeal upon a Decision and Order dismissing a case even if  your adversary files a subsequent Judgment to later claim the Notice of Appeal was premature. On September 28, 2009, in the appeal of Robert H. Rotering, etc., appellant, v Perry Satz, et al., respondents., Docket 2009-02773, the Second Department granted my motion to vacate the dismissal of my Notice of Appeal and reinstate the appeal.  Here's how...

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When Courts and Attorneys Ignore the Law

Remember when New York Dutchess County Judge Amodeo threw the poor pregnant mom, Genia Shockome, in jail for 30 days because she called him a liar during a Family Court custody proceeding. She was defending herself from losing custody of her child. Unfortunately, she was defending herself while pregnant. I can only imagine her hormones raging, a baby kicking inside of her and a Judge having no idea what she was going through as a pregnant mom in Family Court defending her unborn child.

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