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Wake Up America – we're killing ourselves.

 In 2006, I filed the Ambien Class Action to get worldwide attention and I got the FDA's attention in 2007. They ordered Sanofi to place the exact warnings I told them from the beginning they needed, but Sanofi denied anything was wrong. Unfortunately, there is still one more step needed-the warnings are not helping. There's something in Ambien's ingredient that hits some people so hard deep in their cerebellum that they become Ambien Zombies capable of driving cars and shooting themselves in the head at 3 in the morning.  Here's the secret on Ambien.

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Winning Appellate Costs by Arguing Attorney's UnClean Hands

Sua sponte dismissals of cases are very rare.  They may be justified at the beginning of a case if a complaint has no basis and is used for an improper purpose, but it is not justfied upon a well-pled complaint after months of litigation and there is no motion to dismiss before the court.  I successfully appealed a sua sponte dismissal of a legal malpractice complaint and was awarded costs for my clint, and here's how I did it.

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On April 15, 2010 Susan Chana Lask Argues in Third Circuit, Supported by 5 Attorneys' General, for Fourth Amendment Protection Against Strip Searches


For the first time in any prison strip search case, 5 former Attorneys General filed a an Amici Brief supporting my Class Action case entitled Florence v. County of Burlington, et al. in the Third Circuit, Case Nos. 09-3603 and 09-3661. On April 15, 2010, the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals will hear the case in Philadelphia.

                                                                                    SCL Third Circuit Brief

Susan Chana Lask

                             Attorneys General Amici Brief

Zulima V. Farber   Robert J. Del Tufo      Peter Harvey

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Children in Child Custody Cases Choose Their Own Attorney

Children have the right to choose their counsel in Family Court child custody cases. Even the parents may be able to pay for the child's legal representation rather than use a court appointed Attorney for the Child who has little interest in the case due to their own overwhelming caseload.  Family Court judges never inform the litigants of the child's right's choose their own lawyer.  Here's the law that could help you get rid of the court appointed attorney for the child.

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Prenuptial Confidentiality Agreements Civilize Divorces

Confidentiality clauses are usually used in high-end multi-million dollar marriages and high profile business and entertainment people. However, my opinion is that privacy clauses should be included in every prenuptial agreement and in any type of relationship, such as domestic partnerships and civil unions or even in a dating relationship depending upon who is involved, because the Internet, Twitter, texting and technology today spreads rumours and private details like wild-fire.

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