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Living With a Prescription Drug Addict Mother Compelled Me To Fight Big Pharma and Win

Ambien Class Action Attorney

On March 27, 2006,  NewsWeek met with me and my client Janet Makinen to interview us regarding the Ambien Class Action I filed in February, 2006. I filed that action to save millions of consumers' lives from the dangers of sleep walking, sleep driving and suicides occurring from Ambien as alleged in my class action complaint. I was the only attorney with the guts to publicize that Ambien created "Ambien Zombies" (a term I created). Meanwhile, my Mother died after a lifetime of being a prescription drug junkie.

This is the NewsWeek photo taken in Philadelphia.   I was there because my mother was in a Philadelphia Hospital in surgery that very moment as a result of her being a victim to prescription drug addiction. She went into a coma that day because her body went into shock from all the drugs her doctors pumped her up with from the imaginative diagnoses they created for her.  They were her drug dealers.  The doctors over prescribed tons xanax, librium, valium, lithium, resperdol, seraquel and more.  It's no secret that some doctors make money by using people like my mom as perennial patients for a stream of income and insurance fraud; billing for what they never should bill in the first place...putting people's lives at risk for durgs they do not need. Shamelessly killing people so they can financially gain.

I fought against dangerous pharmaceuticals because of my real life drama of living with a prescription addicted mother since I was a child. I deal with the nightmare of watching my mother, a beautiful Liz Taylor look alike, turn into a 200 pound babbling junkie who feared leaving her bedroom for years because doctors dolled her pills like candy.  I remember when she forgot who I was when I used to call her.  I remember when she disappeared for years. I remember she always told me "Susan, always make something good out of the bad."  And so I did.

The Ambien case brought me some vindication from the horrors I witnessed in my Mother's life because I proved Ambien was dangerous exactly as my complaint alleged, and the FDA agreed with me.  In March, 2007, the FDA ordered the exact warnings I demanded for all sleep prescription medications. I worked that case every day of my life for a year. I got the warnings.  I did not receive a penney for my work.  I knew I would never make money from the case and told my Plaintiff, Janet Maikenen, there would be no money. It was never about money for me--it was about saving lives. Incredibly, knowing there was no money in it for either of us, Janet told me to keep fighting because we're doing a "mitzvah".  And so we did.

I was able to save the lives of millions of consumers because of my work.  To this day I receive thank you letters and commendations for courageously taking on big pharma Sanofi Aventis and the FDA.  I saved alot of lives, but my mother died within a week of this picture. Her last words before she went into a coma were "Give me my candy. (xanax)".  My last words to her were "I love you, Mom."

I had to pull the plug after 2 weeks into her coma because infections started ravishing her body.  Finally the nightmare was over for her, finally. The doctors who killed my mother still practiced after her death.  They never asked how she was.  They are drug dealers.

Susan Chana Lask's Ambien NewsWeek Story
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