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Susan Chana Lask Supports Town of Gorham Moratorium-Ontario County Planning Board Votes in Favor

usan Chana Lask with Umka the Puppy Battle Puppy Mills

Today the Ontario County Planning Board voted for a moratorium against opening a puppy mill in the Town of Gorham after  Susan Chana Lask provided arguments and law to them in her extensive legal memorandum.  She pointed out that the applicants wanting to open the Mill listed that there will be 640 dogs, but they omitted the fact that the number can be twice as much or more because those are "breeding dogs" only. There was no listing of how many puppies in litters there will be.  Only half the story appears to be before the Town in the application.

 The application also claims there will be FIVE employees and some children tending to the some 640 dogs which sounds impossible. How can 5 employees tend to the needs of 640 dogs, and then the "babies" , or puppies, they produce that certainly require special care, food and shelter.  Lask also points out that the application to open the puppy mill anticipates composting dead bodies on the grounds when the purpose of a "breeding facility", as they are applying for, is to save lives, not turn into a cemetary to bury the dead. Among many other points, Lask made clear the application has flaws, coming from the husband of a wife who already operates a Mill in upstate New York that has violations already. Notably, Lask cites the USDA admits they do not have the manpower to regulate Puppy Mills and apparently there is only ONE inspector for the entire State of New York who cannot possibly handle inspecting what are some 200 licensed facilities (we do not even know how many unlicensed facilities operate under the radar).

Ms. Lask concluded that Puppy Mills serve no legitimate purpose and cause more harm to the voiceless dogs they overbreed to death and the puppies they kill as inanimate objects when they are living, breathing, loving souls. Essentially, this is an inhumane torture operation that needs to be shut down.  Also, the United States clearly has an overpopulation of dogs waiting for homes and struggling to survive in shelters, while annually we kill millions of these innocent souls because Puppy Mills operate to breed what we do not need. Then they inhumanely kill what they cannot sell. Lask reverses the old adage and says "cut off the supply and we won't have the demand"--meaning, shut down puppy mills first so Pet Stores have no resource.  Also, Lask's Umka Case Against Puppy Mills says if we hold Pet Stores to a higher standard of liability for purchasing from Puppy Mills that run on mass production no matter what defect they create and what dogs they harm, then Pet Stores will not want to deal with Puppy Mills anymore.  Lask says "Gorham's Got Guts!" to vote for a moratorium and take a close look at this issue.

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