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The Law of Attraction Gets You a Lawyer Just Like You

People tend to pick lawyers just like themselves.  So if someone is a liar, their lawyer is going to be a liar. And if someone is honest and wants to win without lying to the judge, their lawyer will be as honest and a hard worker to win on the truth and the law.  It's the law of attraction. Here's some pointers on choosing a lawyer.

1. Choose a lawyer like yourself.  You want a lawyer who has the same values and personality like you. If you're aggressive, then you can't hire an attorney who is nonchalant and barely moves.  If you're honest, you want a lawyer who will be honest too because the truth is that lawyers can win on the facts and the law without lying. Although most lawyers ruin it for the rest of us good lawyers by thinking that being a lawyer is a license to lie, that's simply not true.  It is just that they are bad people who shouldn't be lawyers in the first place (an article coming soon).

2. Follow your instincts.  If you feel any doubt about the lawyer you're talking to, just hang up the phone.  Or if you're in his office, then get up and leave.  I have talked to lawyers on the phone and when they start lying, I hang up and move on.  There's no time for straggler lawyers who have no idea what they're talking about.

3.  Don't believe the Puffery Lawyer. Any lawyer that promises to get you certain results, lots of money or tells you how great they are better show you support to back that up, otherwise it's "puffery", which is blowing smoke.  For example,  I witnessed a lawyer who claims to be New York's top divorce lawyer convince a potential client that he previously won the exact case she consulte dhim for.  When I looked up the case later, it was not related to her issue at all, and he lost that case anyhow.  I refused to take her case because I knew the law was against her and did not want her to waste money.  So she hired him, and $36,000 later and in a matter of a few months she lost.  The lesson here is always research the lawyer and Google, and use a combination of factors to make your decision who to hire. The first is trust your instincts.

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