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Susan Chana Lask is articulate, driven and consistently provides client communication relative to financial responsibility and process options, giving substantiated details every step of the way. Susan's expertise, experience and client communication reassured my trust and confidence that she has the client's best interest in mind. Susan's perseverance was compelling.

Educator in High Profile Palimony Case, 2012


Susan Chana Lask is a tireless and effective expert attorney who is a tenacious advocate for her clients. She has a passion for her clients' causes and will seek justice for those whose legal rights have been violated. Her top qualities are High Integrity and she's creative.

High Profile Actress, Entertainment Contract/Legal Malpractice Case, 2011


Susan is a leader in the fight to hold foreclosure mills accountable.

Former Ohio Attorney General, 2011


I am pleased to provide this recommendation for Attorney Susan Chana Lask. Susan brought a class action against a foreclosure mill in the State of New York. She is a tireless, aggressive advocate for consumers who have been taken advantage of by corporations and arrogant attorneys. I am impressed with her personally and professionally and endorse her services with no hesitation whatsoever.

Foreclosure Litigation Attorney, 2011


Thank you so much Sue, you are a kind person as well. Win or lose my family and I are truly blessed to have met you. You have been the consummate professional and I'm extremely grateful.

Albert Florence, Civil Rights Class Action Client, 2011


Susan is as experienced and dedicated as they come with respect to her knowledge, expertise, and commitment to her law practice. I highly recommend Susan with respect to any endeavor or task that relates to her practice of law. Susan combines the rare qualities of intelligence and relentless work ethic which overall makes her an all around ideal legal force not to be reckoned with.

Litigation Firm Manager, 2011


I highly recommend hiring Susan Lask if you want the job done well, and by someone who really cares about you." I first hired her in 2004 and use her to date. Her qualities are Great Results, Expert, Creative.

Real Estate Broker for High Net Worth Clients, 2011


Susan was professional and a great attorney she is certainly one of the best in her craft . She is passionate and knows her business." I first hired her in 1992 and used her services since then. She gave us great results and had high integrity for the job.

Fashion Graphic Designer, 2011


This is an article about a colleague of mine. A great lawyer. Incredibly tenacious!! You should give her a call if you fit the class.

N.J. Judge and client, 2010 (regarding Susan's foreclosure defense case for New York State in the news)


I think that you are outstanding! Thanks!"

CEO Banker, 2010


Scholarly, Tactical, Zealous, Relentless, Courageous, and above all honest. A winner! New York's "High Powered Attorney" is a true partner in the legal fight.

Thoracic Surgeon & Client for 6 years, 2010


Nice job -- I always knew you were smart and feisty. It's great that the media is finally getting the word out too.

N.J. Litigator, 2010


Susan Lask is a top-notch attorney who has the ability to look at a situation from a multitude of perspectives, and determine the best means of implementation. Her record of success speaks for itself, and her personable, caring and attentiveness to her clients makes that road painless.

Lawyer Client , 2010


After contacting Susan Chana Lask, she quickly identified what services she would be able to provide to me and made me feel as though I had some assistance with the legal process. Ms. Lask worked to get false criminal charges against me dropped, as promised. I will continue to use her services for future legal needs, as she was professional, efficient and honest.

Criminal Defense Client & CEO, 2007


A very aggressive Attorney, She accomplished in 3 weeks what another Attorney failed to do in over 2 years. Orthopaedic Surgeon-Child Custody Case, 2009 "An aggressive and thorough attorney which is a good thing if she is representing you. An example of how law should be practiced.

Legal Malpractice Client, 2008


A superior attorney. Ms Lask has succeeded on a particular case of mine where two other lawyers have failed.

Surgeon, 2008


Her knowledge of the law is what makes her a great lawyer. I thank her for taking me and my cause on.

Class Action Client, 2006


You are the most professional attorney I have ever worked with. I have never thought that I would be going through an appeal on custody, but you have explained the whole process to me and made me understand everything. Your positive outlook on things has made me feel very comfortable and gave me hope. I will recommend anyone to you because you are very knowledgeable and professional.

Mother in Child Custody Appeal, 2006