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Lask's Court Order Saves Jake The Dog

Susan Chana Lask Saves Jake the Dog
Read the court papers and the judges order below: 

11/18/13   Order to Show Cause preventing Jake's death
11/18/13   Susan Chana Lask's Emergency Affirmation Supporting Order to Save Jake

In early November, 2013, a  mixed breed dog was brought to the New York City Animal Care and Control ("ACC")  shelter.   The dog was named Jake.   He was a homeless stray. He had a wound that the ACC  believed to be a bite. The New York City Department of Health ("DOH") presumed Jake to have rabies; however,  it appears that the DOH  did not perform the proper investigation or test to prove Jake has rabies.   Instead, the DOH ordered Jake to be killed by November 16, 2013.   Many animal rights groups contacted Ms. Lask to provide a legal defense for the dogs in the ACC.

On November 18, 2013, Susan Chana Lask drafted and signed an emergency affirmation for a court injunction to prevent Jake's execution.   That day Judge Alice Schlesinger of the New York County Supreme Court signed the injunction ordering that Jake shall not be killed and he should receive proper treatment.  He was soon released from the ACC to a vetrinarian's care.  The case was a success.