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Susan Chana Lask's Ambien NewsWeek Story

NewsWeek reports on Susan Chana Lask's Ambien Case

This is just one of thousands of media stories worlwide on my historical year of courage for me as the one woman who stood  up to big pharma Sanofi Aventis and the FDA to prove Ambien is dangerous and needed stronger warnings.


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Living With a Prescription Drug Addict Mother Compelled Me To Fight Big Pharma and Win

Ambien Class Action Attorney

On March 27, 2006,  NewsWeek met with me and my client Janet Makinen to interview us regarding the Ambien Class Action I filed in February, 2006. I filed that action to save millions of consumers' lives from the dangers of sleep walking, sleep driving and suicides occurring from Ambien as alleged in my class action complaint. I was the only attorney with the guts to publicize that Ambien created "Ambien Zombies" (a term I created). Meanwhile, my Mother died after a lifetime of being a prescription drug junkie.

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Wake Up America – we're killing ourselves.

 In 2006, I filed the Ambien Class Action to get worldwide attention and I got the FDA's attention in 2007. They ordered Sanofi to place the exact warnings I told them from the beginning they needed, but Sanofi denied anything was wrong. Unfortunately, there is still one more step needed-the warnings are not helping. There's something in Ambien's ingredient that hits some people so hard deep in their cerebellum that they become Ambien Zombies capable of driving cars and shooting themselves in the head at 3 in the morning.  Here's the secret on Ambien.

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