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How to Avoid Court in Child Custody Cases

When it comes to your children, courts mainly address custody, visitation and child support in Divorce and Family Court cases.  But court is a huge financial and emotional stressor that could ruin your family even more, and your children will suffer immensely. Court should be avoided at all costs.  Here's the secret to winning  your custody case without going to court.

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Children in Child Custody Cases Choose Their Own Attorney

Children have the right to choose their counsel in Family Court child custody cases. Even the parents may be able to pay for the child's legal representation rather than use a court appointed Attorney for the Child who has little interest in the case due to their own overwhelming caseload.  Family Court judges never inform the litigants of the child's right's choose their own lawyer.  Here's the law that could help you get rid of the court appointed attorney for the child.

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